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Real Time Analytics Platform, Inc. (RTAP) provides the tools and the intelligence necessary to make businesses smarter. The platform is built on machine learning principles of self-learning algorithms which analyze data, building intelligence over time. RTAP designed as an integrated platform with the necessary data management utilities, learning algorithms, visualization tools and domain expertise built into one easy to deploy product instance.

RTAP is available as “RTAP Life” for Life Sciences industry and “RTAP Work” for Enterprises and Government.

RTAP Life is implemented at one of the world’s leading Teaching and Research University in the field of Biological Engineering. It is uses machine learning algorithms for analyzing genomic data to find disease pathways and effective treatment regimens for a certain type of cancer. In future, RTAP Life will be scaled up to gain insights into many life threating diseases and conditions impacting human life.

RTAP Work shares the same patent pending architecture and design with intelligence unique to the industry use case it serves. RTAP Work is deployed at several Private & Public sector enterprises and offers a machine learning based technology platform to solve use cases in the real world.

RTAP is available for both cloud and in-premise distributions.

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To be the preferred Machine Learning based technology platform

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To make sure that our customers succeed...

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